Celebrating the couple



While a marriage ceremony exudes an aura of splendor and solemnity, the wedding reception, like the cocktail hour, is entirely dedicated to celebrating the bride and groom.


Unlike the wedding service, the design and decor for the reception need not conform to any preconceived notion of religious ritual.


As most wedding receptions are predominantly focused on the meal, the food presentation and the design of the tables will clearly impact the overall decor. Whether it is a grosgrain ribbon tied around a napkin fold for a restaurant wedding or an entire field tented for an afternoon lunch, decoration is any detail that lends a special touch to the reception.


For most couples, the reception represents the greatest expense. Depending, however, on how they maximize spending, a wedding reception can be imaginatively achieved on any budget.


If the tremendous emphasis is to be placed on the food and wine, candles can be just as effective a way of creating ambiance as flowers are. Should the wedding reception be a stylish cocktail buffet, the most important decoration might be the centerpieces. Issues of budget and how it impacts the decoration should always be a primary wedding consideration.


Sometimes a holiday celebration offers a clever motif for the entire reception, whether it’s a sprig of mistletoe placed over the doorway of a barn, yards of Christmas lights, tiny American flags, or Valentines tucked into the napkins. The most memorable weddings are always the most personal ones.




•As the primary focus of the reception will be on the tables and the food presentation, anticipate how they will look before settling on a location.
•Certain extraordinary venues may be challenging or less costly to decorate. While a beautiful room with intricate detailing or a breathtaking view might initially appear very expensive, it could end up costing less in terms of decoration.
• Receptions that are exceptionally formal frequently necessitate more costly decorations. More, however, is not necessarily more elegant.
Sometimes an intimate reception can be more opulent than a larger one.
• Sometimes an intimate reception can be more opulent than a larger one.
• While imaginative, an off-site location such as a museum, concert hall, cruise ship or nightclub may entail additional costs, complex legal ramifications or security issues.


Sometimes, a low centerpiece offers a subtle counterpoint to other more extravagant floral schemes. From a giant urn filled with flowering branches to a mantel or chandelier draped in blossoms, flowers always provide the ultimate sense of luxury at a wedding reception.