While the thought of marriage can be all compelling, the headiest and most exciting part of a love story is always the proposal. That instant when you both just know. Whoever does the asking, the sheer thrill of being desired can be positively intoxicating. It’s like the beginning of  new love affair, only this time with the added comfort and security of commitment.


Whether your proposal takes place over a candlelit dinner in Capri or during halftime at a Knick’s game, you owe the magic of this interlude to each other first and foremost. It is important to experience your engagement as an ongoing process, part emotional and part rational. It takes endless amounts of love, patience, and maturity to create a marriage. An engagement should be viewed as a valuable prelude to the rest of your life.


However long you’ve been together, the consent to wed will invariably raise new concerns. The resolution to many of these issues will also require compromise as well as time. The marriage you create can provide the love, honesty, and compassion you both desire